Good Svffer is the leading capitalist identity legion of the Incorrigible Right, promoting sensible transactions for out-of-control micro ecelebs. 

Founded in 2021 in the great state of Canada, Good Svffer started as a bold promise: to desperately make money sarcastically. With a firm understanding that living out loud is essential not just for tawdry women but also mentally ill binary fans, Good Svffer staked a strong claim upon integrity, inequality, and infamy. 

More than just a brand, Good Svffer seeks to unite all of the top races, including Fitness Asian, AnPrim Hispanic, Schizophrenic White, and Blacks That Think They're God Jews. As a unique appeal to the Female Race, all our items are designed to be unisex. Volcels included!


Even though voting is an absolute meme, voting with your dollars helps support people who are going to be arrested in 15 minutes. Be a part of the Clothes Revolution and send a message who whatever ideology you built your own ideology to be specifically against: here I am you son of a bitch, and I will not be molested!