Join the Post-Citizenry with this fine apparel, and dominate your sector of influence physically.

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"Part of the Job" Shirt


A deep cut for deep shooters. Pulled from the inner realms of the Blood $atellite Elite Chat, this image represents the ethos of the moment. Dutifully censored so as to...

Lagos Trading Company


"I am the alpha and the omega, but mostly just the omega." - The Z Man Officially endorsed by The Z Man himself and designed in partnership, proceeds of these...

Blood $atellite Mascot


We have a mascot now! Let them know where you stand RE: the sneed/chuck distinction. Designed by Vob of the Vob/Judas marriage project, this shirt has a higher likelihood of...

Felted Lindywaffen LLC Shirt


Never before has an article of fashion so acutely captured the unique jouissance of the times. This comfortable unisex short sleeve offers men a mid-weight piece of clothing for unperverted...

Naughty Lad Shirt


The World Is Yours SYKE. With shoulder-to-shoulder taping, and double-needle stitched, lay-flat collars, sleeves, and bottom hem, this is one of the most comfortable statement-pieces on the entire market. A...

Bellicose Drone T-Shirt


Everyone in your life will know you listen to podcasts. Dare you? This design was hand-moused by Dimes himself, revised and retrofitted countless times until singularly representative of one man's creative...

Theorycel Shirt


A shirt by the terminally online, for the terminally online. You did the research, you charted the horizon, and you crunched the numbers. With this shirt you can signal that...