Blood $atellite Collection

Blood $atellite is the Globe's leading show for Canada. The merchandise populating the Blood $atellite collection has been hand-emperored by the show crew to meet the highest standards of cognitive hostility.

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Artisan Blood $atellite Hat [LIMITED EDITION]


A legendary partnership between Blood $atellite and MikeOfPol, these limited edition hats are the height of dissident, rare, zoided craftsmanship. Designed by Dimes and manufactured from scratch right here on...

Blood $atellite Sticker


Wage war on blank spaces. These vinyl water-resistant stickers can maintain their consistency against the elements. .: Material: water-resistant vinyl.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Bellicose Drone T-Shirt


Everyone in your life will know you listen to podcasts. Dare you? This design was hand-moused by Dimes himself, revised and retrofitted countless times until singularly representative of one man's creative...

"Part of the Job" Shirt


A deep cut for deep shooters. Pulled from the inner realms of the Blood $atellite Elite Chat, this image represents the ethos of the moment. Dutifully censored so as to...

Blood $atellite Mascot


We have a mascot now! Let them know where you stand RE: the sneed/chuck distinction. Designed by Vob of the Vob/Judas marriage project, this shirt has a higher likelihood of...